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COVID-19 Update 

Last updated July 2022

While we’ve seen local numbers of positive case take somewhat of a “roller coaster” appearance, we still have a couple policies to review.

The mask mandate is still in effect at any & all medical facilities, so please remember to bring a mask for you and your child. Parents no longer need to completed our COVID-19 prescreening form prior to their child's visit, but please DO complete the medical history update (if your child is being seen for their routine 6-month cleaning visit).


Please continue to contact us if your child is not feeling well (as soon as possible) or has tested positive for COVID-19, so that we may reschedule their visit accordingly and offer another patient that same appointment time.

We still only have ½ of our waiting room chairs present for use and our children’s play corner is closed (gate in place). These situations will change when we’ve heard from our states task force team. If you prefer to remain in your vehicle, please text us upon your arrival so we are informed of your preference. We ask that you enter the office at the conclusion of your child’s visit (if you chose to remain in your vehicle) in order to schedule future appointments and/or to speak with Dr. Bob.

Thank you to all our parents as you’ve helped make this transition period manageable. Arriving a few minutes prior to your child’s scheduled appointment has assisted us greatly, so thank you all! Please continue to monitor this section as we roll through the middle of 2022.



Dr. Bob Moreau & team at Pediatric Dental Center

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